I’ve been using the epoxy domes that I received the other day.
I’ve found the best technique so far, is to put the sticker dome over the picture that I want, then use a bit of PVA or glossy accents to stick the image into a bottle cap that has been flattened with my big shot machine.
Most of the pictures that I’ve used for these are from catalogues. Images on advertised t-shirts seem to be the best.
Tonight, I’ve been colouring parts in a colouring book to cut out for them.
I’ll be able to glue two together, sandwiching a bale or keychain between the caps. Alternatively, I could glue or solder a badge backing onto them.
I went fabric shopping today. I bought a few remnants in different textures to practice sewing various materials. I found some red spotted plush fabric to make miniature bears with.
I also found a nice pattern for a top and picked up some rayon, but I didn’t get the zip and bias binding that I need, so I’ll have to get them later. That should give me time to wash and dry the fabrics between cleaning.
Looks like I’m making more mess than I’m cleaning at the moment.


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