It was a day full of online retail therapy, and eating horribly. I haven’t bought many things online before, as I usually spend all my money before I get to it, but this time, I put aside half my money to spend online. It was fun finding the items, and looking at all the craft supplies, but it will be great over the next month, getting things in the mail when I don’t have any money, so it’s spread out more.
I did go to the shops and found some things that were easier to buy in store than online, like clearance t-shirts for redesigning and I got some shoes to paint on. The ones in the picture were done using Sharpie fabric markers. I was intending to fill in the white with black, but my Mum and boyfriend like it as it is. I think I’ll buy a black pair next time. The other pair I have, I am painting blue with butterflies on it. This was inspired by a pair I saw in a YouTube video while researching techniques. Hexagons and butterflies are my favourite things at the moment, so I’d like to walk around with my own art with these designs on them. They might even be marketable.

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