I thought I’d share a card I made for my Father in law, since I can’t show you much else that I’ve been working on.
My partners Father likes carpentry, so we decided to make a wooden card. The biggest challenge with this was finding a small hinge. Unfortunately, the one I found was still too big for the coasters that I bought for the card. I ended up having to hack saw off the ends of each screw, which took a while. Luckily they weren’t too sharp after a couple of whacks with a hammer. For the painting, I stamped the ship and flourishes, then drew the writing with a pencil before painting over it. I added gold paint to the back and inside, and it worked it nicely.

Today, I needed a break from hand sewing, so I began designing some clothes, which lead to me beginning to sew a skirt, using an old pair of jeans and some nice thick white satin with yellow rosebuds on it. Hopefully it works out and I can wear it in summer. I’m always nervous wearing my own creations because, even though I know it’s secured well, maybe even better than shop bought, I think it will fall apart. Maybe I have to wear it around the house for a bit. If I get over this, I could make and wear a lot more clothes.

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