I got mail!
I bought this dotting tool and small brush set from eBay last week and it arrived today. A lovely surprise when you’re running out of money for the week.
I’m in a love-hate relationship with online shopping. I love getting things delivered, but I love going out and looking at an item, holding it and seeing it before I buy. Online has much better range and the mail spreads new items out over time, giving you a chance to try each one rather than buying a bunch of things at once. But then, if you go out, see people, have lunch when shopping, they don’t call you a social outcast and hermit. Also prevents cabin fever. Mind you, leaving the house and going to the same shops every time doesn’t feel like a nice change of scenery. Online can be useful for researching the item before buying, not making impulsive decisions. There is postage, but bus fair could be more expensive… Maybe I should mail myself to the shop…
Anyways, I bought these brushes for miniature painting, and dotting tools for clay and embossing. The thing is, I found these items listed in the nail art section. So, I’m just reminding you, art and craft supplies can come from other areas of the house or store. Obvious things like foil, paper towel and recycled boxes, then not so obvious like I have excess fly screen to try cross stitch on, butter containers for holding things, baby oil, corn flour, soap pumps for paint etc. Just keep an open mind, but be wary of keeping things – your housemates probably aren’t going to understand the need of creation. This is where organised chaos comes in.

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