I procured myself a lovely new colouring in book today. The pictures are amazingly cute and we’ll drawn, and it not only promotes colouring, but completion of images using doodles and an item search in the pages. It’s like an adult activity book.
The only issue that I found is that the pages are double sided, meaning I have to be careful of bleed through, so no Copics or markers, unless I scan and copy the pages.
If you are searching for something cute to jump start your creativity, or just have something to fill the time, I would highly recommend this book. The artist also has another colouring book available. Search for Kerby Rosanes.


3 thoughts on “#326

  1. I wouldn’t colour in the book. I would buy some lovely paper and print them onto that. As your tastes change so does your colouring and you will be able to doodle and colour differently if you copy the piccies! Plus you might know someone who would like the elephant one and you can reduce the size and print it on a colour-in card for a special occasion!

  2. I bought this the other day too, not got round to starting it yet but looking forward to it.

    I love working in the books though I like to go through them in order so when it’s all done you can see progression plus the warm fuzzy feeling if a complete book.

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