Finally got around to baking my clay. Also received a pasta machine. This makes conditioning so much easier, although I might get a really muscly right arm from cranking both this and my big shot machine.
Over the past couple of weeks I have be making a few things at a time, but was running out of room to keep them out of reach from the cats, so I had to bake them to make room.
I found out a couple of things that I didn’t know, like you cannot paint polymer clay with nail polish because it will turn mushy even after baking. Also, alcohol inks, like sharpies, will fade in colour over time. I’m lucky I found this out before I experimented on my figurine. I made a few pendants that I can paint on, and experimented with a Skinner blend (the gradient between colours using coloured clay.)
I still have a few things to try out, and also sanding these for painting.
At least most of my clay is conditioned now.

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