Finally got the sewing machine out today. Trying some quilting techniques. I’ve been sewing as much as I can by hand, because I had no room and it was fun, but I can only do ‘sew’ much.. Hehehe.
It was starting to hurt, and I had to use a thimble for the first time. It was awkward and sweaty and more of a burden than the pain. I was using bandaids, but they weren’t much better, so I take it in turns between the thimble and not. I’m surprised I haven’t gotten callouses.
Once I cleared a small space, got the machine out and crawled under the table to plug it in, I was able to try out a tip I had seen ages ago, but hadn’t needed until now. You may notice the strip of washi tape/ masking tape near the foot. This makes it so much easier to guide multiple seams at the same width. Sewing machines usually have a small amount of these marked as grooves for hems, but if you need it a little bit larger, or forget which line you were working on, try this out. Just be sure to remember to keep an eye on the foot. Looking that far out to check your lines takes concentration away from the pointy, fast objects.
Stay safe. Watch out for sharp things.

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