It’s getting late, but I wanted her to have at least some clothing before I showed you. Headless is fine, but naked!
I started this yesterday, but I’ve had the idea for a while now. This is (meant to be) a character from World of Warcraft, Lady Sylvanas Windrunner. A hunter, a Queen, an undead banshee, leader of the Forsaken with an awesome attitude. Even before I played WoW, I liked her, and her story. This inspired me to make a statuette in her honour. I’m having a bit of difficulty with her face, but I always struggle with little clay faces, and I haven’t been working on it long. I made a couple of hands, but I’m unsure whether they’ll be the ones I attach, or just trials. I mixed up the poses with the wrong hand, so the upper hand, which might be holding an arrow fits on the lower hand. The other hand, meaning to hold her bow would be attached to the top hand, which is a strange place to hold a bow. They aren’t finalised, so I might tweak them. Maybe I’ll bake them anyway and use them for another statue. I also made a hand using wire, but the fingers turned out so chubby, and the clay was so thin that the wire showed in places.
One thing different this time, using polymer clay, is that I found out you can use baby oil to condition the clay to be softer. This works great and makes it more pliable and easier to blend in patches. Smaller details are still easier with the thicker clay, and I like the firmness of the super sculpey, but mine was starting to get cracking and hard to work with. This would be useful for filling moulds, if your clay was too stiff.
My hands are dry from the clay already, and sore from too much kneading, but once a lump of clay is done, it stays soft  for a while. I’ll see if I can tackle the face tomorrow. I’m not doing her whole head yet, as she’ll have a hood on, and you won’t see the back of the head or joins, and it makes it easier to sculpt flat on a board than holding the head in mid air and squishing it all the time. Something I’m trailing anyway. I want to get this right, and not give up, or rush it… Too much.


2 thoughts on “#321

  1. Now i get why your hands hurt so much! Should put the clay in a cat proof bag and let them squish it for you! Looks good.

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