This isn’t what it looks like, it’s just gluing paper to each other using containers as moulds. Ok, you got me it is paper mache, again. It’s an illness, that’s easy on the hands, mostly.
I finally cleared a small space on my crafting table (by mostly moving things to the pile on the left side of the room,) so I did a little bit of crafting. I didn’t even know what to do, so I put on the creativity Ted talks playlist (watch this one, is so good) and cleaned out a drawer. I was going to do some colouring, but all my pencils and markers were set up on the couch, so instead, I felt like gluing and gesso-ing, so I put the kettle on (I was tired and needed caffeine to at least stay awake until nap time) and got changed out of my outside clothes. (I’m such a dork, that all sounds like I’m five. Except the coffee.)
Later on (after nap and din-din) I decided to do some colouring, which I decided to do in graphite (nothing to do with being too lazy to get my pencils, at all.) I wanted to do different media to colour in the book, so I’ve started one page in marker, and want to do other pages in Biro, coloured pens, paint etc. Also in different brands of coloured pencils. Graphite drawing is my most favourite and comfortable art out of all the types. I was rarely seen in late highschool without a book and pencil, and I drew every night. Before I knew it, I was rather good at drawing. I still have a long way to go, and can’t always draw everyday, but I do what I can, when I can. So today, that was colouring a portion of a page. This would be a great exercise if you want to practice shading. Imagine depth, height, light, shadows, reflected light and shape, as it can all be shown with shading. This is easier to learn in gray scale, than in colour, but then, I have trouble putting colour into pictures, and it all looks like monochrome sections. As I said, I have a long way to go.

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