Today I tried English paper piecing. I saw a few pictures on Pinterest on how to do it, so I hand stitched a few hexagons together. It’s not as hard as it looks, but I’m not sure I’ll have the patience to make a quilt big enough for our bed. I stopped at a coaster sized patch of seven squares. This is when I sorted the hexagons, I had cut out, and decided that I need to manage the colours, otherwise I’d run out of yellows and have a bunch of pinks left at the end. I might have to pick up a few colours next pay day.
I had to go out today, leaving my sewing at home. I went to the dentist and I browsed the shops with my parents. My mum bought me two crafting magazines, on the proviso that I make something for her with them. One had a lovely Japanese style stamp set and the other had a multiple box scoring board. The lines are very confusing, all overlapping and shapes inbetween, so I’ll have to decode it before I can use it properly.
Other than this, I picked up some cute cat stickers (cat butts in one of them so funny), and some cheap geometric rubber stamps.
This week, I’m going to attempt to get at the craft room. Over the weekend I piled all of the craft supplies that had accumulated around the computer and TV, back into the room. I love my craft room, even piled high with mess and unfinished projects with nowhere to sit, walking in there relaxes me, and I often find excuses to go in there. It’s like my refuge or sanctuary. It’s mine and buzzing full of creativity. Like seeing your bed after a long day, nothing matters in this place.
But I really should clean it.

One thought on “#319

  1. When my grandma passed away and we cleared her house I found an unfinished quilt like this. All the hexagons have been cut out and the quilt is 2/3rds sewn together. I brought it home thinking that I’d finish it. That was about 8 years ago and the only time I’ve touched it is when reorganising my craft room. I think it’s a winter job though, so I’ll be putting it off a little longer!

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