It was decided of a committee of one that I needed to make more headbands. Once the motion was passed, these two were created. The one with the stars was made, because I bought some scrap squares and glitter tulle in various colours. The squares are great for making bows, so I picked out a pattern and began hand stitching one. I was watching movies while I made them, so I couldn’t use my sewing machine. The glitter in the tulle got absolutely everywhere. Maybe spraying it with some sort of fixative or hair spray would help keep some on the fabric. I used the green one on this, that’s why I matched it with the headband and ribbon, but it’s hard to tell in the photo.
The other came about while I was looking for the green ribbon to match the tulle. I found some lace in my ribbon/lace/elastic/twine/raffia box. I thought I picked up the same ribbon, but it was the same colour, in two different widths. This made it better, as I could vary the flower sizes.
I should make a butterfly themed headband to go with my new scarf. I love butterflies.

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