I completely forgot to photo the bows and flowers that I was making this evening, so I’ll take this time to show you some colouring in. I mentioned that I bought an adult colouring book. I’m still on the first page, going slowly, since it’s a relaxation and time filling activity. As I colour this, I think how well this pattern would work with silk painting.
I’ve noticed, while watching artists on YouTube that there seem to be two types of people. Those who work on the entire picture, going through each stage at a time, colouring all of each colour at once, and those people who will work on tiny areas until they are finished, working around the image. I’ve found most seem to be the latter, but I’m not one of those. I work on the whole. This seems longer and less pay off, but I can’t seem to work the other way. By the time I’m half way through, I change my technique or forget how to make colours or whatnot.
I just thought that was interesting.


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