I downloaded an app to my smart phone, which is a simple paint program. I use it to jot down ideas that I can’t put into words, and capture images that are in my head whenever and wherever I am. Because it’s all digital, when I’m at my computer, I transfer the file and work on it with my proper tablet and Photoshop. This saves going through the scanning process, which isn’t too bad, but my printer doesn’t like my computer at random times. This also means I don’t need to carry pens and a range of pencils, a sharpener, an eraser and a blending stump (my basic travel art kit.) I did find a stylus, which works with any smart phone touch surface, that is nice, because I don’t lose the pen-in-hand feeling that I love when drawing. Even when I’m nervous holding something like a pencil in my hand is helpful. Perhaps, because I’ve always seen art as a way to have control over something when you feel you don’t have control over anything else. You control where the line goes, what the figures are doing, or what they look like. It may be small, but for me, it’s been a coping mechanism at times.
I thought recently about drawing digistamps for people to use and perhaps buy. My partner was concerned that once one person buys it, they will discard the terms of use and distribute the file openly, without me having any way to prevent this. He does have a point, but I thought about it, and piracy doesn’t stop artists creating music. There is rarely reward without risk. Perhaps by trusting people, they might not abuse your business. Besides, what are the chances they’ll copy a no name artist, line art image created for card making. I’m not looking to charge a lot for them. In fact, I thought of digistamps so I could keep cost low, without materials to buy and use.
Just another hurdle in the journey of artisthood.


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