Trying all the things.
Today I had the thought that I needed to use something in the back of my nail polish gems to use as filler to keep them lightweight, but also something to use to fill the space and make it easier to stick to surfaces. I could have used a glue gun, but it wouldn’t be great for larger pieces and the heat might not mix well with the nail polish. I was thinking that in special effects videos, they often use cotton wool and latex to bulk out and texture areas. Instead of latex, I’d use glue and see how we go. I wont be able to tell if it worked until they dry, but I used it on a few different projects. I filled some gem backs, then covered this bowl. Finally, I put a layer in  a paper mache project that is hollow, but needed some filling. A bit like the gem situation, but larger. I can’t talk about it on here much. *wink*
When experimenting with objects or art, I often think of a quote found by the artist Austin Kleon, who has a lot of interesting writings about creativity, but this in particular sticks in my head.

“The idea maker is a collage artist. You put two ideas together, and you get a third new one.”

Read more here. Also, look up his book,
Steal like an Artist. It has plenty about the difference between copying and referencing. I haven’t read it yet, but there’s a couple of pages online.
When you think about the quote, it becomes a realisation that almost all new ideas are produced by mixing two or more others. Mermaids are women and fish, dragons are large lizards with wings and fire. Try drawing something you’ve never seen before – it’ll most likely be made up of little parts of things you have seen. This is probably how people in opposing nations come up with the same ideas without conference. Ideas seem to be a matching game in your head, switching between pairs until something clicks.
It’s all in your head.

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