The joy of being an artist – being able to cut up little pieces of paper, acceptable after the age of ten.
I went shopping today and picked up some glue. I don’t know when it got so expensive to get at the craft store. I found some cheap stuff in the general store, luckily. Otherwise, my paper mache would have to wait till I could justify expensive glue. I picked up some very cheap jewellery findings that were on sale, and bought a gem themed mould by Wilton. If found a lovely wooden box with laser cut designs in the lid, which I’m unsure what to do with, but it looked pretty and was cheap, so I’ll figure something out.
The picture actually shows a bunch of toilet paper that I cut up to try a new idea for filling moulds. With my water and PVA mixture, I chucked a few pieces of paper in the mould, then patted down with a tool. It worked a lot faster than when I use each layer individually. In the end, I got bored and put all the paper in the glue mixture, to make a paper clay type dough. It was still lumpy after a while of kneading and adding straight glue, but I pressed it into moulds anyway to see how it goes. Any remaining dough was put into the container and dampened to help break down the fibres for playing later.


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