Woot! Inspection over. Many crafts to be done. I began by heading straight to my craft room, and got out paper mache supplies. It’s more tedious than I remember, and I remember always giving up early, but this time I want to do it nice and sturdy. When I got tired of that, and waiting for drying, I researched prices of similar things to mine on Etsy. I was surprised at the range of prices. They either seemed too low or too high, nothing in the middle. It looked as though some people under appreciated the value of their art. I know it’ll always be hard appraising art, but I think skill, materials and work put in would factor greatly in this, making it easier to judge a price. It seems if you have the word wedding, or artist doll/teddy you can charge a lot more. I know there’s calculators for time/materials/self worth to figure out prices, but it would be nice to have a set amount. How am I supposed to know if my painting is worth that much. If I price too low, I’ll get less money and people might just buy it because it’s cheap, but if I price too high, I might be overstating my worth, and risk not selling anything. Maybe I’ll calculate and average.
I did sketch out a couple of pictures on our tablet for some drawing ideas that I’ve had lately. They’re really rough, but I’ll transfer them to my computer to refine later. It’s a good way to get ideas out while watching movies or what not. I have so many notes and old books with sketches, so, I’ve started taking photos of them, and can put them all in a folder to draw when I’m out of ideas.
Other than that, I fixed some pyjama pants and started a needle felted bee. Productive day, I’d say.


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