Yeah, I’ll get around to cleaning soon. I just wanted to try out some quilling. And mould filling. With glue…and tissue…and nail polish. >_>
So, now that our house is smelling of pungent fumes and filled with drying objects, it’s time for bed.
I was talking about the selling thing that I’ll be doing, and we figured that I’d need a website to do the selling from. My lovely partner bought me the domain name, and we set it up using our gaming webspace that we have plenty of extra data on. It’s just bare bones at the moment, but, enter raspberrysheep.com. I even remembered to finally publish my Facebook page. I haven’t set up all the accounts yet, and the ones I have basically just show my posts from here, but you can always contact me through them, and hopefully I’ll be able to sell things once I get the software as well as the all clear from social security.
Now, all the hard decisions of web designing. It’s been so long since I’ve done any coding, but I love doing it. I even thought of doing it for pay once, but it didn’t work out and it does get frustrating. There’s not much room for artistic licence in commissioned sites. At least we can play with mine however much I want. First choosing a colour scheme, and maybe redoing the logo. It doesn’t look professional enough 😛


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