I haven’t been well for the last few days, so I haven’t done much in the way of moving, but today I felt a bit better, and got some things done.
First of all, I’d like to point out that the cute sock monster was not my original idea, but I did recreate him from only a picture that I found on Pinterest here. I did however use my own techniques to make it and will not sell anything, as it isn’t my intellectual property. I just saw it as a cute challenge for reverse engineering, which my brain is wired to do in art and craft. A lot can be learnt by challenging yourself to recreate things for personal learning purposes. Never to sell or profit from (underline, underline.) My rules for craft is “Don’t buy what you could make,” and “Don’t sell what you wouldn’t buy.” This isn’t great for the craft selling industry, as I can recreate many things, but I don’t think my quality is great enough to sell yet. I often enjoy making things more than having them, but often can’t bear to part with things. Paradoxical is a very good word for this situation.
So, when making the monster, instead of stuffing and shaping the neck with stitches, I sculpted two balls with needle felting and it kind of shaped the neck a bit. It wasn’t as dramatic as I’d hoped, but it sort of lead into making the bear. He’s all stuffing now, but he will probably end up with a nice coat of yarn fluff, in yet to be determined colours. I’ve decided that I’ll attach the legs to the body firmly, but make the arms movable with a threading through method. This one will probably take as long as a regular sewn bear, but less fiddly so far. Teeny bear arms are so hard to turn.


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