This fluffy, blobby thing is my latest project idea. It began as a paper mache torso, originally brought to decorate and be done with it. I was never sure what to so with it. It’s rather large, around the size of an 18 inch dolls torso, so would take up a bit of room for just a painted sculpture piece. I decided that I would turn it into a miniature dress form to practice sewing dressmaking techniques and designs. For years I’ve wanted a dress form, but I never had enough space, money or sewing experience to warrant one. Also useful of I find any 18 inch bodies that need clothes.
I’ve been needle felting a layer of stuffing on top of the body, for a layer to stick pins into. I’m not using glue, and could have wrapped thread around the fluff, instead, but I’m having fun felting it. Next, I’ll sew a layer of felt, and sew firmly to the figure. I found a cardboard tube and cut a hole in the bottom of the body to use as a stand. I was going to tape it on, but it might be more useful to be able to detach the body for better access. I was thinking of anchoring the bottom of the tube stand in a container and fill the base with plaster of Paris, so it will be sturdy. Not sure yet, I’ll have to cover the tube in tape so it doesn’t go weird with the moisture. Or think of something else.
I’m sure the internet has some answers.


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