Today’s size brought to you by the letter: pencil.
Gosh, I’m tired…
This is one of the snowballs that I showed you guys the other day. A couple more of the layers of stuffing fluff, and it became awkward to hold. So, I decided to stop growing it, and cover it with some super cute fabric, instead. I made this step into another experiment. Instead of cutting nice, measured and symmetrical pattern pieces in fabric, I took the fabric, wrapped it around, pinned roughly, and cut a rectangle shape. From here, instead of focussing on making it neat, I just made sure the fabric was firm and secured with an over stitch in an organic line branching down the sides of the ball. This kind of gives it a Frankenstein feel, showing all the stitches and all, but the fabric is snug, and feels nice. I could have done a nice mattress stitch, hiding all the thread, but I just wanted to get it done quickly before I lost interest :/
Really need to start cleaning for inspection again, as it looks like Santa’s elves used my house as a secondary crafting site. At least I can get away with drawing and needle felting being left out with little mess.

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