Bows and bitty beanies.
One of my recent internet browsing sessions brought me to an image of a lovely set of bows, basic and made of felt. What made these bows different to other bows was the mini buckle on each of the centre strips. The ones in the picture were round and silver, but I knew I had some square, gold buckles that needed to be put to use, so I tried it out. I was playing around, and came up with a nice red, white and gold theme. The tulle I used is more an orange-red than the felt, and probably brings down the elegance factor. But, hey, how elegant can you get using felt? I imagine a lovely off white, large soft satin bow would be lovely. I’ll have to dig my way down to my material box, and see what I have. I’ve been dying to get out my wonderful sewing machine lately. I know I have some pajama pants waiting to be made, among plenty of other things.
As for the little beanie, it’s made of merino wool, as far as I can remember. I keep all my yarn labels, along with a length of every wool I buy. Only problem is looking through all the labels which have found themselves in plenty of different boxes. So, I’m hoping it’s a high enough percentage of wool, as I made it as a small test to try out machine felting. The hat was actually a simple pattern for a micro-preemie baby. If I got the ply right, and my tension, then there are babies heads out there that small, and that’s so tiny.
Here’s the pattern for the hat. It can also be found on Ravelry.

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