I made a cube!
Every time I start a project, I think of two more. It’s like a never ending pyramid scheme of creativity. I’ve had to start writing down ideas, more than usual, so I can continue with each project. Tonight, I had about four different felting objects that I was switching between because it’s fun and keeps me going. I’ve been wanting to get out my clay, but that would involve cleaning, and space, so I just tend to stick to felting which doesn’t need much room or setup. Perhaps I’ll get to clay when I’ve thought up enough designs that I can just model them without the thinking in between. I’ll have time on the bus on my way to gym to write out ideas. Otherwise I’m usually crafting, gaming, or sleeping.
I recently stopped my game design course that I was doing, and thought I would have nothing to do, but I’ve spent more time being able to create without feeling guilty that I should be doing homework. It’s definitely improved my mood, and creative flow.
Creativity begets creativity.

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