Kidden charm.
One day, I will buy some neutral wool, and make some cute cats and miniatures. Until then, here’s an orange and mustard tabby, with blood red nose and weird mouth.
I saw a video showing the process of a needle felting kit for a cat keyring. It was cute, but I thought it was a bit big for a keyring, and wanted to make a smaller one. I can’t seem to get the ears  to work as easily as the video, although they skip any time consuming parts. It seems to take a lot more effort than they show, and a lot less blood loss, despite them holding the needle right at the end so they have no control!
Guess they just make it look easy.
I ended up sectioning off too much orange wool, so decided to try making a ring. Unfortunately, my finger size crossed with orange wool made the ring look exactly like a burger ring, and made me hungry. I don’t even like orange, or the feel of wool, so it was just a trial. Delicious looking trial.
I also made yet another ball. This time using a plastic stencil to felt a heart shape on it. It worked rather well. Using the same concept as the cookie cutter, but being careful not to stab the hard plastic, in case you break the needle.
I also began another orange/ginger cat. This time as an ornament. I have a curled up cat figure and wanted to make my own version. Took ages to just make two legs and the tail. I still have to make the ears, which hopefully will work better this time.
I hope I’m getting better at the needle felting. It seems like I’m still getting an awful lot of new finger wounds.

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