So, I think I have the needle felted ball mastered by now. I’ve attempted to branch out into stars and bowls, but my repertoire is still limited. I made the star using a cookie cutter, placed on my sponge, and filled with wool. Then, stabbing, and flipping regularly, so it doesn’t get stuck to the sponge. When it was sturdy enough, I took it out of the cookie cutter, and reshaped it into a star, rounding the edges as I went.
The bowl doesn’t seem to be progressing well. If you remember a while ago, I told you that I had a ball of stuffing that failed… Yeh, this is what it’s turned into. The ball failed so hard that it’s now a container. I tried to harden it, so it was at least sturdy, but the stuffing doesn’t seem to thicken like the wool does, at least, not without hundreds of hours of pushing fibres in, then pushing them out again. I decided to add some wool as a layer to help things along. It certainly thickened the bowl, making it sturdy, but it has shrunk, and become a little deformed. Not to mention, all the fibres from the outside are being pushed inwards, so if I push them back, I’ll get white bits all through the nice colours. I’ve been trying to push the innards down, but its all a mess. I keep working at it, hoping it’ll all work itself out, as I think of more ways to fix it. I think making a wool one from scratch might be useful. Either beginning like a clay coil pot, and working in snakes around a base, or perhaps finding a ball shape to use as a mould. Then again, I could look up a tutorial and stop trying things without prior knowledge. I guess that’s why I spend so much time on things, I forget to write down results, or don’t research fully, then I begin at the beginning. Both learning from others, and beginning from scratch are great ways to learn. One, adding my creativity to known techniques, the other, discovering my own solution to a problem.
I hope that makes sense.

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