Well, now that secret Mother’s day business has bee taken care of, I have a short amount of time to do some playing around crafts before the next birthday rounds.
I found myself in a variety store today, then found myself buying two wire dog brushes. The other day I mentioned carding wool, and thought I’d pick up some brushes to try it, while I found them cheap.
Firstly, I tried brushing some yarn to make some felting materials with (this is the pink fairy floss looking pile.) I wrapped the wool around my hand and cut one end. Leaning the lengths on my leg, I brushed with the dog brush to get a pile of fibres. I had to use the fine needle, as the heavy needle wouldn’t go through the ball at all. I used acrylic/synthetic yarn, and to my surprise, it acted very different to the wool roving, or felt. I figured I had more colours in yarn, and it’s cheaper than wool roving, so it’s another way to gather supplies. The pink actually came from a ball with pastel pink, yellow and blue in it. Its much softer than the wool.
The darker ball of fluff was a mix of all the colours that I had in my pack- blue, purple, red, orange, yellow, and green. I don’t know why I thought it would seem more brown. Maybe from a distance, but I’m still thinking in paint mixing. It doesn’t seem so in the picture, but it’s rather purply, but you can still see strands of each colour in it.
Here is the video where I learnt about carding, and it’ll explain it better than I can.


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