So, quite a few crafty things happened today.
First off, I found myself in the newsagents, looking for some inspiring supplies, maybe even look for a knitting or needle felting magazine to look at. There wasn’t much in the way of anything but scrapbooking and card making. There was one cute one with a birthday themed embossing folder, and mini stamp set to match, but it was rather specialised, so I put it back. I then found two large packaged magazines, each promising a large amount of items for a smallish amount of money, certainly less than it would have been worth for the items alone. I couldn’t decide which was better, so I bought both. This was a good decision, as the one I was thinking to put back ended up with a huge amount of gorgeous fairy stamps inside. All up, I received seven sets of stamps, four magazines, some paper, a pile of card bases, ribbon, quilling paper and tool, cutouts, rhinestones, templates and a small baggy of gold glitter. It all made me feel a little less guilty for spending the money.
I spent a large part of the day needle felting. I made some beads (small balls), balls (medium sized balls) and worked on the face of my doll (small balls on a larger ball.) I learnt a couple new things on YouTube, such as when adding detail, stab shallower, but more, so it doesn’t all just cave in on itself. Another thing I learnt was that you can wrap the wool around objects to create tubes and shapes to help build up features. I also found out what carding is (mushing various wool with brush things to make roving or a batt of wool.) I tried this in small scale with a cat hair removal brush and the jeans I was wearing. It worked ok, but since I mixed dark green and yellow, and it isn’t paint, it looks a bit mottled, but I still like it.
I’ve begun adding skin to my doll, and it looks like a diseased zombie. I used a mustard colour to add the bumps, and its peaking through in some places, which is icky. I’m worried, as the wool is already thick and getting hard to puncture, even with a fine needle, and I have a lot of work to do on the face.
I decided the other day that I wanted to make a meme about crafting upsets, and things, so I needle felted a mascot for this, I just need to photograph him. Although, now I know a bit more about making faces, he could do with some brow bones.
The five needle tool, that I spent a bunch of money on yesterday, is quite annoying. It has a safety guard that seems to limit movement, and doesn’t help stabbing injuries, unless you were to hold the needles side on (which doesn’t happen,) it had a loud piece of metal designed to keep the needles in place, but it bangs every time the needles go in. Even with five needles, it doesn’t seem to do better than one without the handle. I had to replace the fine with heavy, and add my original needle, with a lot more notches, to get it to do anything practical. Even then, there’s not a lot I can use five needles on in small scale. I should have waited, and got the three needle Clover on that I had my eyes on, but couldn’t find. It won’t go to waste, especially if I do any bigger projects. I really need to put nail polish on the ends. There is no easy way to tell each felting needle apart, and is recommended to colour code each type.
It’s so nice to be able to concentrate on craft for a while. If only I didn’t have so many projects that I’m torn between at the moment. My house is getting messy again.

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