Bye bye money!
At least I shouldn’t need needle felting supplies for a while. They had no choice for colours, but at least it was a six pack and worked out cheaper than individual colours at the other store I go to. I got a handle with fine needles, and a heavy needle refill pack. They were pretty expensive, but I figure it’s an investment, reusable, and refillable, so it works out in the long run. Also five needles has to be quicker than one!
Amazingly, I discovered that I had barely any black felt in my big box of felt. This shouldn’t surprise me, as I love black and it matches everything, but my felt collection is quite large, so it was strange.
We passed a lady selling beads and handmade bracelets. Well, we tried to pass, but failed miserably. We spent ages picking out beads and bracelets, getting ideas and talking to the lady about her work. We spent more than we should have. You can look at some of her work here.
Other than that, I stocked up on plain white card, and bought some charms for a secret project. Couple of hours, and soreness all round, but nice haul. Now I need to sleep to have energy to play with my new, pointy toys :D.

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