It’s a ball!
Not much to report, today. I tried to see how nice I could get the felting, but it’s all uneven by feel. It looks ok, except where the white of the under stuffing peeks through, but I think that means I just need to add more red. I used the red wool roving for this, to see how it felt (heh heh heh.) I think it will take some practice, so I might use the felt sheeting after all, as it turns out more even with less effort.
I also cut up some layering paper with the bright new paper pack that I bought. This means I made random rectangular shapes that will fit on a card, so I can mix and match and get ideas without having to cut the corner off a large sheet. Useful for throwing together lots of cards, or making cards in a hurry. To further aid this issue, I’ve learnt that some crafter’s have a box of stamped images that they colour when they’re not so busy, and they have a box full of pre-stamped, and pre-coloured images ready to be matched with pre-cut layers and pre-printed sentiments to put on their pre-folded cards.
Organisation is awesome. If I’ll only ever get around to it.


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