My doll is slowly evolving… And quickly being stolen by our resident kleptomaniac.
I was watching videos on YouTube about needle felting. There was one from Threadbanger’s ‘Man vs Pin,’ which you can watch here. There is Blood and swearing warnings.
Another video I watched was much more useful, and gave me a few tips that I didn’t know. The main one that will come in handy the most, was that instead of felting the inner stuffing from scratch, you can just wrap sewing thread randomly around it, to get it started. The inner, cheap stuffing won’t be seen, and it leaves plenty of space to actually felt layers on top. As you may see, I tried this, and it was so much quicker and easier, as well as getting rid of a lot of bulk, even if she does look like the worlds most misshapen body builder. I began needling in some of the bulges, so it’s a bit smoother beneath the next layer. I’m wondering whether I should use the felt sheets I have, or wait to see if I can find a skin coloured wool to use, next shopping day. I’m often impatient when it comes to these decisions, and decide to use the lesser quality materials, in case I leave it until pay, then forget about it, or spend money on something else. I’m in a momentum with this at the moment,
that I don’t want to lose. Perhaps to keep it going, I can make practice pieces, like I did for the eyes, but with lips, nose and hands.
Hmmmmm. Decisions, decisions.

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