Knitted puffy bow!
Not quite how I had imagined it, as I wanted it to have more height. I forgot that knitted fabric acts differently to cotton, where squares make perfect bows. Its still cute, especially when I squish it sideways to be shorter. I also probably should have taken more care wrapping the centre so it looked neat. All things learnt for next time.
As for my doll, I began bulking out her arms, and defining the face a little. I’m not sure how much will make it through her skin layer, but thought I could at least block it in to see how it might look and how big I’ll need to make the facial features, etc. Also, making the dents for where the eyes go, so they don’t look buggy, might be a good idea.
I want to get a couple more colours of actual wool roving, as I only have red, and would like to play around using actual wool to make something nice. I’ve seen little felted cats made to copy real cats, and that would be great to do of our cats. So many embellishments and charms can be made with felting. It’s and excellent medium, whether done with synthetic, cheap materials, or pure wool roving.

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