I wanted to try something for my needle felted doll, so I tried out the technique by making a small ball.
I tried making a larger ball, but I didn’t do it right, and had to start smaller. I made a base ball with polyester filling, then raided my felt sheet scraps and needle felted them on. It worked out well, and the heart shape hole was actually a coincidence, left after piecing randomly, so I filled it in in pink. I definitely need to invest in a tool, so I can use more than one or two needles. It takes such a long time. It took me two and a half to make this and the mistake ball. It’s a bit tough to pierce the flat felt, as it’s already tightly compacted, but with a bit of work, it all lays nice and flat. This will come in handy when applying to the doll. I’ll probably felt the skin right on, then make removable clothing. Years of dressing barbie dolls should help with that part.

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