Instead of showing you painstakingly slow progression pictures of my needle felting, I thought I’d show you how that yarn, that I bought, knits up. It’s 4ply soft baby yarn (which looks a bit softer in colour than this), and using 3.25mm needles. Most of my knitting needles are on unfinished projects, or half in another dimension, so it’s rather slim pickings at the moment. I decided that I would make a small, puffy, knitted bow for a headband, as it didn’t need a pattern. Knit a square, sew into tube, sew ends of tube, after stuffing, and wrap middle with yarn.
To update on the needle felting, I did a fair bit of the legs. They still need so much work done, but they are mostly blocked in. There is absolutely no way this figurine will stand up by herself at the moment, and will need a whole load or wire to do so. Now would be the time where I decide to let her sit, or wrap her in wire before she gets too bulky and I can’t add things without them showing on the outside. I suppose I could use a doll stand that are used for displays.

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