Beginning to fluff my armature.
Just using polyester filling and blocking in the shape, slowly. It’s quite fun, despite being repetitive and risky, but I don’t mind menial tasks occasionally, and there have been no puncture wounds, yet. I’m not packing the stuffing too tight, as I’m not sure how to pose the doll/figure, and there’s room to change the proportion if it’s off. I can usually eyeball the figures proportions, but that’s usually with the skin on, and on paper. Pipe cleaner bones are a bit bendy and tricky to approximate. Of course, I could have measured, but where’s the fun in that? Besides, dolls hardly ever have realistic proportions!
I’m going to try covering the stuffing later with felt sheeting for skin. Hopefully, I can cut darts into it to make it fit without much bulk, but sculpting features as I go. I have no idea how I’ll do the hands. She was going to be a fantasy character, so she’ll probably be wearing some gloves. Hopefully, that will make it easier.
Remember how I said I like a challenge… Or the time I always bite off more than I can chew for a beginner.
Silly me.

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