I maaaaay have gone shopping again. :/
I found some black crochet cotton, which is surprisingly hard to find whenever I need it, so I picked up a ball. I realised later that I could make some more gloves whenever I get around to making the pattern. Trying to balance between all the crafts and video games is rather harder than I thought. But it’s all fun, so I can’t complain yet.
I picked up a few pipe cleaners/chenille stems for making armatures for a needle felting idea I had, then I got home and found an extra packet full.
I found an image the other day saying “Life’s short, buy the yarn,” so I went and bought a ball that I had my eyes on a few weeks ago. I have either used or lost a bunch of my stash of wool without realising, so it’s okay, I’ve decided. Also, it knits up so pretty.
I got a small photo frame that I wanted to trial as a small write on/wipe off board. I am sure I wanted to get more photo frames for the glass, but I can’t remember why.
In the variety store, I found some jelly moulds. I thought they might be good for resin, but when I looked at them, the plastic is too hard and there isn’t much detail, but this would make perfect plaster of paris moulds. Not that I know any kids, but this would be great for painting with them.

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