So… I went shopping today.
I only looked for three things, and only found one of those, but I suppose it keeps me busy and happy, so I can’t complain. A few years ago I would never have gone shopping alone, due to anxiety, so it really is retail therapy, as I’ve come such a long way from then.
First off, I got some Aida cloth. This is for a gift later in the year, so hopefully that all turns out well ;).
I got a bright paper pack on the clearance table, which is great because I had the same patterns in pastel, so I can mix them together and I knew I’ll make use of them, as I have the other pack.
I had been looking for oval dies for ages, and just when I thought all hope was lost, and I’d have to buy them online, I found them. I was lucky found them now because I designed a card for someone, that has to be made within a couple of weeks, and circles just didn’t fit right. It was hard to decide between these and stacking hexagon dies. They were lovely, but not as practical, and I knew it was just my emotions wanting them.
Other things I bought include; an A5 clipboard, kitty themed post it notes, small and useful stamps, chocolate moulds (I got for resin) that come with cute animal alfoil wrappers, a knitting themed notebook for knitting themed notes, and Christmas sentiment stickers that were on sale.
It’s probably more than I should have gotten, especially if I want to start saving for the massive craft market coming up in June, but it’s all craft supplies. The only difference is between buying them now or then.

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