Today, I had some ideas about needle felting
Before I began, I had to create a needle proof glove, that I had seen online, and since I had used the right hand of these gloves for a tablet glove, it worked out perfectly, as I needed a left hand glove. Basically all you do is put your hand in a position to hold the wool in, and wrap your index finger and thumb in duct tape. It works a dream! No tetanus, although it did get a bit sweaty and cramped up due to not being able to move the fingers much, but no tetanus.
The first idea involved felt dolls, and I was thinking about covering obvious seams by needle felting a piece of matching felt over it. Then I thought of sculpting the felt head after it’s stuffed. Then I thought (all in a short amount of time) that I could try felting toy stuffing, as it’s cheap enough to practice on, and I could make the bulk of the item in that, and cover in the expensive/coloured wool or felt. It worked just as well as the wool, and with the glove it all came together very easily. I wanted to see how tight I could get the ball by just felting. I didn’t finish, but there was quite a large handful of stuffing when I began. This could possibly make a nice centre for a play ball for kids. Since toy stuffing is generally kid friendly, and covering with fabric shouldn’t be too hard, also you can make it larger and softer for babies, or harder for older kids and pets.

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