So, the other day, my partner bought himself two lanyards, so that he wouldn’t lose his work pass… Again. On the were little mobile phone holding loops, which he didn’t want. I took them off and was wearing one as a ring, which I thought looked rather cool, but it sparked the idea of using it as a finger loop on fingerless gloves. I’ve seen some lovely beaded ones, or ones with wire that are more jewelry than practical, and with winter coming up, and my crochet supplies out, this seemed the most logical.
I am capable at crochet and can follow basic patterns, and Its easier to create shapes without a pattern than it is with knitting. The problem I have now is that I want to make the other side. It should be simple enough to see what I did, but I probably should have written it down, or counted chains as I went, but I was in the moment and forgot. In highschool, I wore a single arm warmer that I had made, leaving the other hand for a cool band bracelet. I don’t think that would work with this, as one of my wrists would get cold, so I had better make another one.
I used crochet cotton for this, as any kind of yarn makes me itchy. It’s rather thick, but I’m not sure what number, as the label was lost years ago. I think I used a 3.5mm hook. I wanted it to work up quickly so I wouldn’t get bored and give up, and it gave it a nice lacy look, I think.

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