One of the games I play, on my phone,is called Tiny Tower. It’s a basic game where you stock shops and build levels of a tower so you can make shops to stock them. Since I play a lot of games, it’s nice to have one without violently occasionally. This one in particular has the cutest, pixelated characters. To me, pixelated is another term for cross stitch pattern. It was quick and easy to stitch the character, and there are so many variations on the characters, that you could pick out bits to create a version of people that you know. I love wearing headbands, so I picked a person with a headband. I had to change the colours slightly, as my black embroidery floss keeps breaking with barely any pressure, so I’ll have to buy some more.
I’m clearly not an expert at cross stitch, so I’m not sure if I pulled the thread too tight, or should have used three strands of floss, but the white came through a bit on the shirt, so I’ll have to figure that out for next time.


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