Gosh, I’ve been busy this week. Busy with losing weight and things I can’t show you guys yet. Well, I did pour some plaster into moulds the other day, but I didn’t think you’d need another picture of the back of drying pieces.
I went shopping today, as you can see. I actually ended up looking more in the sports section than the craft section for once, but that didn’t stop me from picking up a few items to stock in my craft room.
Firstly, I finally found some waxed paper. According to the internets, this is a number one thing to have on hand for everything, but they don’t stock in where I live. I found it in a variety store. When I got home, I promptly (after a nap) tried a using couple of punches on the paper to try and loosen them. I’m not sure if it helped, tightness wasn’t the problem in the first place or it didn’t do anything. It was worth a try, and there are plenty other uses for the paper so the buy wasn’t a waste at all.
Next, in the same shop, I found another silicone mat for resin doming and stamping. This one is just a grid pattern, that will come in handy for backgrounds and impromptu maths.
I found a pack of four cheap canvases which will come in handy for an upcoming gift, if all goes well.
Lastly, I got some cheap, dress up gloves. They only had red, but the colour didn’t matter for what I needed them for. On YouTube, an artist that does a lot of digital work and animation suggested to get a thin glove for your drawing hand, and cut off all but the last two fingers (keeping the wrist part intact.) This creates a half glove that glides across a drawing tablet easier, while leaving your three main drawing fingers free for the pen. I haven’t tried it out yet, but I cut it and sewed the hem down, so it’s all ready to go. I’m not sure it’s very comfortable, but if it works well, I can use nicer gloves for a better fit next time.


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