Crazy eyed embroidery owl. Yay!
I decided to stamp on fabric and embroider the outline. I figured it’s easier than looking for a pattern, printing and tracing. I used a water based ink, so hopefully the bright pink won’t show after washing. I’ve never been great at satin stitch, stem stitch or bullion stitch, but ended up using all of them in this piece. I don’t think I did too badly.
The image didn’t stamp properly, allowing for some leniency, but this caused problems when it came to the zig zags on the front of the owl. Looking back, lining the area to fill in with a straight stitch would have been wise. I was unsure of what to do with the eyes and what colour to make them, so they look strange for now. Perhaps a satin stitch in brown or something, as I thought using the same green would make them dull.
There are a few stamps I have that would be nice to try with this technique, but I wanted to try something simple. I think I’ll use calico next time as well, since I used flannel that was a bit soft and having some sturdier fabric might help with stitching. If I knew what if be using it for, I could spray the fabric with hairspray, which makes it really stiff, but wouldn’t be suitable if I use the image for something soft. I suppose it would wash out after, but I suppose that another experiment to add to the list.


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