Finally another inspection over and it was shopping day.
Before my body decided I needed to go home, I picked up a box of friendship bracelet thread , that came with a kit and strange circles. While I was bored in the evening, I decided to try to see what the discs did, and was pleasantly wowed. By putting 16 threads into slots and basically moving one thread up and one thread down, turning slightly and repeating, you end up with a pattern coming out the other end. This amazed me quite a bit, as I am still unable to see how it’s done. My partner deduced the use of dark magics were involved.
I always liked the look of friendship bracelets, but never had the patience. First time, I didn’t have the patience to learn. Then, when I did, I didn’t have the motivation to continue them for long enough, and would plait most of the bracelets length, let alone make two.
I also picked up a magazine, at the shop, that had some quilling supplies attached, including quilling paper, a slotted tool, and a sizing and shaping board, all of which would have equalled the price of the magazine itself normally. Also the magazine has some lovely ideas, not only cards, which is great for a multicrafter, like me.

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