I went into the city to have lunch with my partner and go to the craft shops. I set aside two hours to shop, but I ran out of money in half an hour. I bought green and black fabric for the beanbag chair and also a zip for it.
I’d seen a few cards lately using a branch punch, so I wanted to see what I could do with one. Apart from wreaths and foliage behind flowers, it could be used for reindeer antlers, distant large trees… Or close up small trees. I was going to get the large one, which cost almost double, but this one is quite a nice size still (2.5cm/1 inch high.) If I need a larger amount of branches, I can just add more pieces.
I’m the kind of person who is rather clumsy, especially with food and always gets stains on my shirts. One of these shirts is a lovely white batman shirt with a lovely chocolate stain on Batman’s face. In an effort to cover this stain, I thought I could add a little artistic flair and add some yellow fabric marker to lessen the noticeability of the stain. I had a packet of sharpie fabric markers, but I didn’t have any yellows, which would suit not only this shirt, but a Transformers Bumblebee shirt that I’d like to add some colour to.
The only problem with buying this stuff today is, when I got home, I found out we have yet another inspection (a month early. :/) So my plans of completing my craft room properly, along with any other plans will be put on hold, and rushed to be tidy.
I don’t think they’ll believe we have two junk rooms…

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