Today was a bit productive, in the craft sense. I made a card, a mini beanbag chair and did some beading.
For the beading, I was getting my loom out to lend out and had a thought about using big plastic pony beads with wool instead of thread. I only made it three beads wide, so it was really quick, especially without fumbling with tiny beads. The only thing I had to do was make sure the threads were two coils apart to fit the beads between them (if you have a bead loom, you’d know what I mean.)
As for the mini bean chair, my partner and I used to own a beanbag chair which was much easier to get in an out of than the regular drop shaped ones. It came to a tragic end when we were looking after a kitten who thought it made a lovely spot to use as a litter tray… So we couldn’t keep the chair… Or my pants that I was wearing. It was water resistant, but the urea and its bleaching effects were too strong. Recently my partner has been missing that chair more than ever, and wanted to buy a new one. After quite a bit of research, we came to the conclusion that it might just be easier to find a pattern. After a bit more research, we came to the conclusion that many people charge a lot for beanbag patterns, and to get the one we wanted, we may have to make the pattern ourselves. I drafted a couple patterns based on a picture he found and my memory of what the one we had looked like, and I made a mini version to make sure it all went well. It seems to be in order, but he decided it has to be black and green. Since I don’t have those colours in my stash, it’s back to the craft store for me.
As for the card, my partner has gaming nights, playing a video game I’m not fond of, so I went to the other room to watch a dvd, and I had a bunch of craft stuff around, so it just all happened. I was going to add small rhinestones to the sentiment strip, but I had already gotten up to get the card base, then the glue, the ink and stamps and the paper trimmer, I figured I’ll do that later.
It’s hard keeping all my crafting to one room. My craft room doesn’t have a TV, my front room doesn’t have any surfaces, my computer room is good for company, but can’t do anything messy near the computers. Also I only have one chair between the computer and craft rooms, and it’s not easy for me to move it back and forth all the time. We’re thinking of setting up a TV in the craft room so it’s a bit easier and less lonely in there.

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