Today was a massive comedy of errors, mainly ending in injury for me, so I didn’t end up doing too much. It started out ok, with the craft market across the road, I bought a couple of fat quarters for hexagon making, but got too excited and didn’t wash it first. I’ll have to make it into a decorative piece, or risk washing it after its sewn and all the bright lovely colours have the chance to run and make a one colour brown quilt. Curse you impatience.
When I got home I gathered together die cutting supplies, and plopped myself in front of the tv for a while. I got to try out my new cutting plates, which seemed a bit different than my original ones, but work just the same.
I did a little bit more knitting, as much as I could with a sore arm (thanks to my larger cat jumping on it.) The picture above shows how weird it looks, but it is a lot more purple than that, as the yarn is purple, blue and pink. It’s strange that using just two stitches can create so much variation in both look and width…
What I also find strange is that us in Australia call yarn, wool. But wool is a type of yarn, and you can have acrylic wool, which is contradictory. It’s a lot like the fries/crisps/chips dilemma, where Australia calls them both chips. Such a strange and confusing place with not enough craft stores.

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