I did a few things today, in the way of crafts. I slept in, so I crafted instead of my afternoon nanna nap. I did some embossing, which is fun. Still using my hair straightener to heat the powders. I have a heat gun on my list, but I’m great at improvising. I had a few problems with the white powders I had. One was rather chunky and lost all detail, but a brilliant white, the other was lovely and fine, but subtle and transparent. It helped to use a white ink pad under the fine powder, but it made it look silver. I might have to invest in some superfine ones, designed for sentiments, as I have a lot of delicate looking stamps.
I tried embossing that honeycomb texture from the silicone mat, but I must have pushed harder in some areas and got a bit of ghosting, probably due to the extra squishiness of the silicone. I tried embossing some stamps, which had large flat areas, onto patterned paper in clear powder, with the intension of inking over it, and it resisting, leaving the image patterned, and the surrounding area inked. Unfortunately I messed up three images, before figuring out I had put too much ink and stained the clear image. But now I know, and I could even see some of the pattern through the ink which is fairly nice.
I also began knitting a project. Yay! My hands are not a fan of knitting, but I surely am. I’m surprised I got as far as I did, and can still type. Just. I originally wanted to make a beanie for myself, and I’d bookmarked a pattern, but when I went back, I realised it was meant for kids, and was in all garter stitch. I love purl, so this wouldn’t do. I’d already gotten out the wool and kneedles, so I looked a bit for a beanie with matching materials, but for some reason (maybe because I haven’t made one yet, or found one) there isn’t a way to search for patterns by needles, yarn and stitch. All I wanted was a beanie knitted on 4mm straight needles with 8ply wool, but that’s too much to ask for, so I started a scarf. They don’t need patterns and I wanted one to match my nonexistent beanie. I just cast on 30 stitches, and began knitting. After a few rows, I decided to make it a sample scarf, as I got bored of the stitch I was using. Scarfs are so lovely and forgiving. If only they didn’t make me itch and feel like I’m suffocating…

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