Shopping day, as you may have noticed. I didn’t get a lot. Half because they didn’t have what I wanted, half because I got tired, half because there’s a craft market this weekend, and half because my fractions are wrong…
So, I bought my replacement big shot cutting plates. I haven’t used them yet, mainly because I heard that it’s better to use your more worn ones with the bigz dies, and save your nice, straight ones for thin metal dies. I’m not sure it matters, but it might keep them nicer for longer.
I’ve been looking online for some nice and small stamps, things that I can’t make myself, or print easily. I’ve had a hard time picking any, even in the shop, I saw some, but they were quite expensive for the few stamps that I liked in the pack. I ended up finding a stamp set in a completely different aisle to the one with the stamps in it, which was half the price, and twice as nice. It seems to be designed as a marriage set, but aren’t so strongly themed, that they could be used for a lot of things. There’s a dress that I tried colouring in red, which turned out lovely, and the diamonds will make great embellishments. There’s a bike leaning against a lamp post, which would be lovely to colour in with water colours, and banners and flourishes which I love to use.
When I went out today, I had dedication that I wanted to buy a die set. They had nothing of my interest in the die section and not even many punches to choose from. I’d given up looking, when in the fabric section of the store had the dies designed for fabric. When I first received my big shot, these weren’t released, but I was looking for a bigz die with a hexagon for making a quilt. Today I found exactly what I had been looking for. Apparently, the technique of making a quilt with hexagons is called English Paper Piecing, which I didn’t know. I’ve never been great at quilting, and hexagons might not be a great place to start, but I like a challenge.
Plus, hexagons πŸ™‚

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