The other day, when I was playing with the water colour pencils, I created a few blobs of colour. I had seen a picture on pinterest and a blog showing chicks, bunnies, piggies and mousies using a blob of watercolour and a pen. They are so cute and so simple, I had to try. By using the watercolour pencils, the shapes weren’t too random, so I had to add a lot of water. I ended up with two birds, a frog, a pig, a blue pokemon (?) and a three year olds representation of a human. All turned out pretty cute. I added some white pen to some things for dots or patterns. I’d like to do this again with tube watercolours and a larger soft brush for random splodges. This would be perfect as a diy paper pattern. Either on cards, down a bookmark, as wrapping paper or make a scene with the critters like they did in the blog. This could also help to create simple cartoon characters or creatures. You could wet your page, if you want, put on some colour, then find a figure in the resulting shape. Try it out, you can adjust it to your skill level, making it as simple or elaborate as you want. Just have fun!

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