Back when I bought my masking fluid, I masked out this piece on a small piece of watercolour paper, and it’s been at the top of my craft to do list, but I didn’t really have room to get out my paints out. So while watching youtube, I realised I have watercolour pencils and a water brush (brush with water in the barrel, negating the need of a water pot.) This is a rather clean way of water colouring, as there is next to no clean up, as all you need to clean the brush is wipe it on a tissue until it runs clear. Because the yellow was too light, I decided I needed to add shadows, which I made with copic markers. I could have used a warm grey, but decided it’ll stay brighter if I used colours that matched. Finally, I went over the letters in white gel pen, to brighten it and cover and mistakes or pencil lines that didn’t erase properly.
In hindsight, it would probably been easier and look better if I used an embossing pen and covered it in white heat embossing powder to create a resist, instead of bothering with the masking fluid, but it was interesting to try and it looks nice. If it was less bright, it would be perfect for a phone wallpaper.


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