Well… Today was interesting. I put up my second bookcase, I cleared a space for it in my craft room, made labels for boxes and broke one of my big shot acrylic plates. Oops.
I wasn’t thinking and put three sheets of felt on a big die, thinking it’ll be fine, and forgot to pull it back when it got hard to turn. I’ll have to pick up a new one when I can, although I can still use the larger piece in the mean time.
I used one of the tags dies and made a whole bunch of tags to tie to the handles of boxes for sorting my craft room. I made about 24 tags and I’m still thinking of boxes that will need labeling. At least by hand making them, I can make more as I need them and not worry about losing files or printing things.
I’ve recently begun my weight loss journey (for real this time, hehe) and cleaning this room is surely a workout – I’ll kill two birds with one stone.


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