Long time no see. I couldn’t function in the heat, and I couldn’t blog about laying on the couch watching movies with all the fans on me. Although I could draw it as a comic, I suppose.
So today was the fortnightly transfer of the shopping centres inventory into my own home day.
I mainly wanted to get a tags die, which I did. It’s a good one, coming in all the good sizes, as well as having a hole reinforcement die, which may come in handy for other projects and embellishments. While I was in the die section, I saw the hexagon die. I am in love with hexagons at the moment, and I’d seen this die online and wanted it. It’s a lot smaller than it looks in the pictures online, but it’s a bigz die, meaning that it will cut everything from paper to thick card to fabric. I can imaging hand sewing a tiny dolls quilt with the hexagons. I’d have to glue the edges to stop fraying, as they’d be too small to have a large seam.
In the cheap shop, I found some stamps. I bought a mummy, a sugar skull girl and a cameo with a frame. I’m not sure how well they’ll work, being so cheap, but they were too cute to miss. I also picked up some cheap ink. In my experience this was a bad idea, bit the price of the craft inks is so huge, that it doesn’t seem worth getting them. I don’t often use coloured inks, so I just wanted to try these out. I found using kids markers/washable water based markers on the stamps works ok if I need a colour of ink that I don’t have.
I got a new container of gold embossing powder. I found I had fun with it the other week, but all I had, was a small vial from a pack I’d gotten a while ago, and decided to get some new. They had the most beautiful blues and reds, but I didn’t think I’ll use them as much. Perhaps I’ll get the red for Christmas and go crazy with it. I’ve found embossing powder to have an expiry date, so I’ll have to write when I bought it on there. It might be the hot weather we live in. Maybe it’ll work when I get a heat gun.
I got a felt tip black calligraphy pen in 3.0mm. Usually people use the felt tips for practice and dip pens or nib pens for writing the final piece, but I’m more used to just using the felt tip. I’d love to get some pilot parallel pens, someday.
I found a packet of self adhesive labels that I can use to draw or print on. It’ll come in handy if I want to make stickers for cards and things to sell with the raspberry sheep logo on it.
I also got some cheap glue dots. I already have some, but these are slightly smaller. I wanted even smaller than that, but I guess I’ll have to buy a real brand for that. I keep meaning to get to a scrapbook shop that I found. Perhaps next week if I haven’t spent too much on the movies this weekend…

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